LaGrange Soccer Club (LSC) Travel Coaches, Players, Parents and Spectators: In an attempt to ensure the LSC Travel Program strives for the utmost in coach, player, parent and spectator sportsmanship, we have put together a “Sportsmanship Contract” which will be distributed to all players and coaches prior to the start of a new season. This contract requires the signature from each player and coach(es). The contract will be maintained by either the coach or other appointed team representative (parent). The goal of this contract is simple. The LSC considers sportsmanship a top priority. It is the expectation that all coaches, players, officials and spectators respect the integrity and judgment of everyone involved in all contests, including opponents and game officials. Players are expected to conduct themselves in a manner which shall bring credit to themselves, the club, communities, coaches and families. They shall refrain from any conduct which degrades, baits, intimidates or otherwise discredits their opponents or officials. Coaches are expected to maintain decorum consistent with the values of youth soccer athletics by showing restraint and composure and to insist their players conduct themselves in a sportsmanlike manner.

Note: this contract is now incorporated within seasonal registration.