Stringham Park fields will be OPEN for Soccer.

Go to Registration to find your field practice times. When Stringham Park closes due to weather you will receive an email from the Lagrange Soccer Club Board. Wait 20 minutes after lightning or thunder to play soccer.

Please follow the guidelines:
All dynamic stretching off the field of play
Any dribbling warm ups outside of the 18
Any keeper warm ups outside of the goal area


Please be sure all goals are anchored with sand bags at all times. This is an important safety issue that must be followed. Goals should not be moved around the park other than moving them back from the touch line so that the fields can be mowed on Monday and Thursday. Also, FIELD 1 is not to be used for normal training during the week. If you would like to hold a scrimmage with another Lagrange team during the week Field 1 can be made avaliable, please let me know at

If you are interested in putting your son or daughter in a summer soccer camp please visit the Calendar Page for further information.

See LaGrangeville Area Weather for further information.

Note for Coaches

Please use only the field that you are assigned. If you plan to have a scrimmage or need to get in some additional training you must notify me in advance. Please avoid training in any wet areas and assure that goals are always achored with sand bags.