Treasurer’s Form


1) Make sure that all checks enclosed are made payable to “Lagrange Soccer Club”

2) Make sure your “team name” is written on every check in the Memo field

3) Include the Transaction Request Form with the deposit

4) Mail the checks to: Lagrange Soccer Club  PO Box 101 Lagrangeville, NY 12540 Attn : Travel Treasurer

Check Requests:

1) Complete Transaction Request Form

2) Include the amount, who the check is payable to, and the mailing address for where the check should be sent

2) The fastest way to get the check is to email the Transaction Request Form to  Please include any supporting receipts / documentation.

If your request is received on Wednesday, it will be processed and sent out on Saturday. If received after Wednesday, it will be completed in the following week. Please remember that LSC uses a bookkeeper to process the checks and the Treasurer does not have direct access to cut any checks. As a result, emergency requests can not be accepted.